How it works
If you want to make money while traveling:
1. Choose the items you can buy from the “Orders” page
2. These items will be reserved for you for 3 days
3. Buy the items and send the receipt within 3 days to
4. When you arrive, Zaagel will contact you to arrange items pickup
5. Hand us the invoices and get your money
Note: the service is currently available to you if you are traveling to Egypt. We will make it available in other countries soon.
Now you can post your trips & receive notifications
about the items you can bring to make commission
If you want to order products from any place in the world:
1. Click on “Order Product” button in the top menu
2. Specify the item you want & the commission you are willing to pay for the traveler who will bring it
3. Zaagel will collect the money from you and list the items you want on the website
4. We will deliver the items to you and pay the traveler
Note: We will not pay the traveler until you receive your items. You can cancel your order any time from “My Orders” page until the traveler buys the items.
You can order anything you want from the U.S. now